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Team FanClub offers Group Licensing Agreements between Alumni, Boosters, Friends-of-The-University, and Season Ticket Holders, allowing athletes to maximize their Name, Image and Likeness rights and stay focused on school and team responsibilities. Team FanClub, Inc's., Group Licensing Agreements distribute proceeds after fees and taxes evenly between scholarship athletes. Everyone practices, studies, and makes the personal sacrifice of limited personal and family time.

Sponsor Benefits

Our Group Licensing Agreements are a direct relationship with Alumni, Boosters, Friends-of-The-University, and Season Ticket Holders. The Group Licensing Agreement for Alumni, Boosters, Friends-of-The-University, and Season Ticket Holders has multiple engagements to choose from to support the Team.

A Student-Athlete must pay state and federal taxes on the Group Licensing contracts once they exceed $12,000.00 per individual Athlete.

• Alumni help build teamwork
• Alumni promote group success
• Alumni reduce transfers
• Alumni create better team relationships

One-Time Fees and Monthly Payments will make an ongoing impact with NCAA Athletic Teams.  Supporting both Male and Female Athletes!

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