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Team FanClub Inc. provides NIL Agreements that allow NCAA alumni and fans to sponsor NIL contracts directly with their favorite NCAA team or student-athletes. The best part about our solution is that it serves not just a single sport (like Football or Basketball), it’s a solution that helps all athletes (Male and Female) across ALL sports. TeamFanClub.com has the largest inventory of 1,145 NCAA Schools in Division I, II, and III. Listing over 15,000 sports teams. We are set up for every revenue or non-revenue team in the NCAA to get a portion of NIL. The Team FanClub solution is a true WIN, WIN, WIN! While most NIL organizations tend to be affiliated with a specific college/university...Team FanClub is not. We are a NIL solution provider that supports ALL colleges, universities, coaches, athletes and athletes’ families. We provide access to NIL for all student-athletes. all gender, and all sports.

The Leadership Team


Butch Carter

Founder / CEO

Our founder, Butch Carter, embraces challenges and sees problems as opportunities. In fact, the very vision for TeamFanClub arose from him identifying a significant area of need...and seeking ways to fill that need. Due to this unique approach to life, he has seen a lot of success over his career. As a basketball player, his accolades include being a McDonald’s All American, the Ohio Player of the Year, and being drafted in the 2nd round of the NBA draft by the LA Lakers. As a basketball coach, he was the Ohio High School Coach of the Year and the 1st coach in NBA History to take a team from less than 20 wins to the playoffs in 18 months. As an innovator, Butch created the NBA’s first advanced analytical model defined by a constant number and holds Six (6) patents in the U.S. and Canada on linear power for HVAC. As a businessperson, he founded Carter Group where his company designed and manufactured linear power modules for Delphi and General Motors. His company was so efficient in its manufacturing that he was awarded the Delphi Electronics Supplier of the Year award. 

Awards and Accolades: 
  • McDonald’s All-American 
  • Ohio Player of the Year 
  • Ohio High School Coach of the Year 
  • Delphi Electronics Supplier of the Year 
  • Toyota Presidents Award 
  • Lead Mentor for the NBA Assistant Coaches Program 
  • 17 years in the NBA as a Player, Asst. Coach and Head Coach 

Bruce Clapp


Our Chief Operations Officer, Bruce Clapp, knows banking and operations so well...he wrote the book on it. In fact, he’s written two! Bruce began his career in banking and saw early success at organizations like Bank One, where he was the youngest ever to receive their President Sales Award. For nearly 30 years, Bruce has assisted financial institutions across the U.S. in expanding and growing their operations. Having served over 250 financial institutions in his career, he is a quoted industry expert, change agent and highly sought-after speaker. He is fluent in the nuances, advantages and challenges of bank operations and has parlayed that experience into helping other organizations outside of banking as well. 

Awards and Accolades: 
  • Bank One President Sales Award Winner—Youngest ever 
  • Bank One We Care Award Winner 
  • OCUL Dora Maxwell Award 
  • OCUL Louise Herring Award 
  • Wright State University Gold Distinguished Alumni Award 
  • Dayton Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award 
  • Northmont City Schools Role of Recognition Award

Brian Ramos


Our Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Ramos, has been a serial entrepreneur and marketer for 30 years. He’s worked with nearly 300 companies over his career ranging from Black and Decker, where he helped triple their factory store sales in 6 months, to being a change artist with Chris Craft Boats, dozens of startups, numerous software companies, multiple healthcare organizations and thirty financial institutions. When brand and marketing innovation are needed to help jumpstart or turnaround an organization, Brian gets the call. His skills range from business ideation and branding to customer and employee on-boarding, staff training and full corporate communications efforts.

Awards and Accolades: 
  • Greater Tallahassee Advertising Federation President  - Youngest ever 
  • GTAF Royal H Ray Distinguished Leadership Award 
  • Boys Town Board Member – Aided in 10 year shift from a trust funded organization to their own 501c3 with local cost recovery / revenue generation of $1 million / year. 
  • Junior Achievement – Served as a Mentor/Teacher and helped create a High School entrepreneurship competition called Shark Bowl. 
  • CareerSource StartUp Quest Mentor – Multiyear mentor of a workforce / entrepreneur program and competition. Lead a team through building a startup business in 10 weeks. 
  • Southwood Volunteer of the Year Award
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